Children's Stories

The stories below are presented for our children - but the grown-ups may like them too!  Each story is based on a story Jesus told or a story the teaches an important lesson.

Grandpa and the Angel

A true story of God's protection and care for us.

Sheep Number 5

Sheep Number 5 was a very sneaky sheep - and very curious. See what trouble she got into and how she got home. A presentation of a story Jesus told in Matthew 13

The Bee Story

One little boy and how good friends can get you into bad trouble - and how obeying can keep us safe.

The Donut Story

A story of sharing - and learning

The Man that Nobody Liked

The man the nobody liked tells the story behind the first book in the New Testament and provides encouragement that ANYONE can come to Jesus

The Pearl

A story about a special pearl, a merchant, and us. A presentation of a story Jesus told in Matthew 13.

When Peter Got Wet

An exciting story of Peter - A Storm - and Jesus. This story is a presentation of the story recorded in Matthew 14:29