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Welcome to our Online Worship Service for Sabbath April 24, 2021
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Thank for for coming to our MVC website.  We hope you will come to our Livestream worship services, either Spanish (9:30 Sabbath morning), and English (11am Sabbath morning).  We are now open for in-person worship in the sanctuary, with very careful guidelines--mask, social distancing, no congregational singing, etc.  As more and more get the vaccine, we hope it will just get safer and safer.  But we absolutely love getting back together again!  But we will always have the livestream for you to worship with us.

TITHES and OFFERINGS:  You can give your worship back to God through tithes and offerings, either online here on the website, or by dropping it off Monday or Wednesday, between 11-4, or mailing it to:  Moreno Valley SDA Church, P. O. Box 8319, Moreno Valley, CA  92552.  Thanks and God bless you!

Pastor Dan


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FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE, 8 pm, joint Vespers Service, 45 minutes.  

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 TITHES & OFFERINGS:  Please take the time and heart to be faithful with your tithes and offerings.  Yes, it takes a minute to put it into an envelope and mail itt!  I had to do that today myself!  But it will honor God, it shows God where He stands in your life, and it shows YOU where God stands in your life!  MV Church, P. O. 8319, Moreno Valley, CA  92552.  Thank you, in the Name of Jesus.

Three Ways to Give:
  1.  You may give directly from the "Online Giving" page HERE
  2.  You may drop it off at the church  Monday or Wednesday, 11-4
  3.  Mail to:  Moreno Valley SDA Church
       P. O. Box 8319
      Moreno Valley, CA  92552

Worship Services:  The English sermon is, "Easter Resurrection."


9:30 SS, Zoom, 944 7783 7862 11:00
11:00 Worship



Meeting ID: 270 668 7963 Passcode: 3F2ffX

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God bless!

Pastor Dan  

If you should need me as a pastor in ANY way at all--please let me know.  Even in the virus, I'll find a way to help!  951-236-7262.

If you have a special prayer need today we invite you to send a request to our Prayer Ministry Team by emailing Barbara Rhyne at sirpawpaw[at]


Children's Sabbath School: God is Eternal



Children's Story





Who's Teaching You by Pastor Day (Study/Sermon Only)







A Blessing: (read out loud or in unison)

God is good!  All the time!
And all the time, God is good!
Open us, O God, to your word, to your surprises, to your love,  to your grace, and to your presence.  Amen

Worship through Giving:

You may give through our Online Giving Page (above) or  you may mail your gifts to:

Moreno Valley SDA Church
P.O. Box 8319
Moreno Valley, CA 92552

Please remember our Tuition Assistance Fund:  $50 - 70 per month would provide assistance for another student. Gifts not otherwise designated will be used Where Needed Most.

Wednesday Meeting This Week

6 P.M.  Great Controversy, or 7:00 Prayer Meeting

Go to ZOOM.Com click on Join Meeting. ID is 813-0550-4797

 If it asks if  you want to join with video and audio say YES

To join by phone only, use the phone directions for Sabbath School above.

(Note: to minimize echo, "mute" the speaker on your device unless you are talking, then "mute" again)

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