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UPDATE:  New Conference ID number for Wednesday services ID# 81305504797

Welcome to our Online Worship Service Sabbath June 6, 2020


We are very happy to have you join us this morning.  We urge each of us to practice the Social Distancing and good Hand Washing that our Public Health Agencies emphasize is so important - not only to our own health but in order to protect those who are especially vulnerable.

If you have a special prayer need today we invite you to send a request to our Prayer Ministry Team now



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Sabbath School: 10 AM on ZOOM.  From the Zoom app or, click "Join a Meeting" and enter the Meeting ID code:  944-7783-7662.  You may join by phone only by calling 213-215-8782 and enter the Meeting ID code.  If it asks for a participant ID just press #.  Use ID code: 813-0550-4797 for Wednesday meetings.

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Children's Sabbath School:  Growing Together
Today's lesson is "The Cycle of  Disobedience"



Call to Worship:   In my head (touch head), in my heart (touch chest), and all around me (touch both shoulders), Jesus is here (open hands in front of you, palms facing upward).  Amen


Special Music by VOP Family Reunion singing The Promise


Join us for our morning prayer by Jimmy Rhyne 


The Children's Story by Kim Bolen 

Scripture Reading Joel 2: 28-32 (Follow along in your Bible as Pat Villanueva reads our text) 

Questions for personal reflection or discussion:

  • What parts of the world have you traveled where you wished  you could speak the local language?
  • If you had been present at Pentecost, would you have been amazed, perplexed, or wondering what was going on?  Or would you have made fun of the disciples believing them to be intoxicated?

Special Music  by  Adventist Vocal Ensemble and St. John's Church  singing  There's a Sweet, Sweet Spirit



Speaker: Bob Villanueva on  The Breath of God


Music by Fountinview Academy singing This is My Father's World



Prayers (Read and pause for prayer after each bullet point):

  •   Thank God for inviting  you to be a Christian.
  •   Thank God for empowering you to witness to others about Jesus.
  •   Tell God what  you will do this week to be better prepared for His use.

  If you would like to share a prayer concern please email Barbara Rhyne   at or use the Prayer Request link above.


    Message from our treasurer: by Eileen Young. 

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A Blessing: (read out loud or in unison)

God is good!  All the time!
And all the time, God is good!
Open us, O God, to your word, to your surprises, to your love,  to your grace, and to your presence.  Amen

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6 PM Great Controversy Study
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