Zoom Ministries

Please join us on Zoom for one or more of the following activities.

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A Special "Live" Series via Zoom or Phone from 7-8 pm

07-13 to 07-19-2024

Preparing the Way for the Eternal
Restoring the Truth in the Face of the Apostate Majority
Procuring the Blessing Before a Prophesied Curse
Awakening from Ahab's Spirit of Passiveness
Unmasking Jezebel's Spirit of Seductiveness
Breaking Baal's Yoke in the Spirit & Power of Elijah
Redeeming the Family in these Last Days


Zoom Link available at


Tuesday 7pm Prayer Service

ID: 84314413914

Password:  PRAYER

Wednesday 6pm Life of Christ (Desire of Ages)

ID: 81305504794

Password:  544728

Wednesday 7pm Prayer Meeting

ID: 81305504794

Password:  544728

Miercoles a las 8pm Servicio de Oracion

Linea Telefonica 978-990-5294

Codigo 2398516

Saturday 0930 am Sabbath School Bible Study and Discussion

ID 89016173158

Password:  Sabbath

Zoom Phone Number 1-669-900-6833


Tuesday: 970512
Wednesday: 544728
Saturday: 646543

If you need help please call/text 951-907-6838 or email mabroker@roadrunner.com